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Budapest River Tours

Sightseeing river cruises in every form. For travel agencies, guides, hotels and private passengers.

Cruise for You

You can have a boat reserved, if you are a

  • Travel agency
  • Travel guide
  • Hotel
  • Tour organizer
  • Individual tourist


Dinner Cruise

Served or Buffet dinner with various menus. From low range price up to the high end fine dining. 1-2-3 hours of cruise, as you wish, with 15min. boarding time.

Sightseeing Cruise

Only cruise for looking at the city. Maybe with a drink included (any kind). We can manage live audio guide, projector, photographer, music etc.

Cruises for individuals

We have plenty scheduled tours every day from 11:00 am until 23:00pm. Every hour for 13€/ person with audio guide.

The boat and starting point

Click on the arrows to get in the boat.

Can I rent the boat only for 1 hour with no drinks?
Of course. If your group only wants to see the city without any service, it is totally fine.
Can we stop there with a bus?
Sure. 85 meters away, there is a huge area, where tourist buses stop. Just next to the Chain Bridge.
Is it free for the guide?
1 guide or travel operator can always come for free. Although we usually give the prices in rental/hour. But the dinner is free for 1 person, if everybody eats.


Do you have bigger boats?
Yes, we do. We can arrange a total number of passengers up to 1000. If you send us an email to [email protected] we can instantly recommend you another boat.
What are the prices?
It totally depends on your needs. If you bring groups more often, we can give you better price. Send us an e-mail now to get your own price: [email protected]
Do I have to have a big group to work with you?
No, of course not. We can basically solva boat tours from 2 people. There are a lot of birthdays for 15-20 people as well, so no problem.
Have more questions? 

We are happy to answer as soon as you write us an e-mail to: [email protected]. We usually reply in 1-3 hours.

More Information

Lunch or Dinner. Served or buffet. As you wish. We have many menu options as well from a low price range up to fine dining. 
All of our boats are equipped with a bar. There are international and Hungarian beverages to choose from.
1-1000 passengers is possible. Our main boat is the one which you can see on this page, but we have more, bigger boats as well. All renovated and beatifully equipped. Women and men toilets, place to smoke and lots of seats and tables.
Startin in the city center at dock 3/a. This is basically next to the Chain Bridge. From there, the boat usually goes up to the Margaret Island, than down to the last bridge of Budapest, and finishes at dock 3/a.
All safety protocols are kept, and there are enough safety belts and jackets on board.
In case you wish to have some extra decoration on board it is totally all right. Just specify what kind of decor you wish to have, in what colors, and we will welcome you in that style.
If you wish to listen to your own music or audio guide, we can play that for you from CD, mp3 or mobile phone (Jag cable).
Technical devices
Projector, TV, microphone etc. are possible to have, just please let us know what you will need.
Free Wi-Fi connection on board.
You can park with a car near the dock, just come 10 minutes before to find a place in time. With a bus, there is a Bus stop 90meters from the dock at the Chain Bridge.
Start and Finish
The dock (dock 3/a) is in the city center, next to the most famous Chain Bridge. It is very easy to get there:
Public transportation: tram 2, Bus 16, Metro 1,2,3. All, with maximum 5-6 minutes walk. Buses can stop nerby as well.
How to get there?
The dock (dock 3/a) is in the city center, next to the most famous Chain Bridge. It is very easy to get there:
Public transportation: tram 2, Bus 16, Metro 1,2,3. All, with maximum 5-6 minutes walk. Buses can stop nerby as well. 
Usually, when we agree on the price and services, we send you a 50% of the total amount invoice. After the tour, you pay the other half. However, this conception may vary based on different agreements. For example, if you bring groups every week, you might pay monthly, or weekly as well.
You can pay via transfer, or cash at the meeting point.
Look at the boat beforehand
You might want to have a visit on our boat first. Even try our food and drinks too. There is always a possibility to do so, just please request your need.
Own food, drinks
You might want to take your own food or catering to our boat. This has no limitations, only you have to pay a corcage fee / person. The fee depends on the type of food, the amount of drinks etc.
We always write down everything to be signed.
"Sea sickness?"
Do not worry. Nobody has ever felt sick on Danube cruises, because of “sea sickness”. This is a river, with no waves, so the boat is still.
You wish to organize a V.I.P. event? No problem. We might recommend you another boat, which is decorated so.

How does it work?

  1. Contact
    We get in touch. You tell us your needs, date, time etc. We will give you a price and some photos. You can even have a look at the boat for your self. If you accept our offer, you will have to pay 50% of the total price.
  2. Starting the cruise
    You can arrive by public transport (tram 2, Metro 1,2,3, Bus 16) or bus. There is a bus stop near by. The cruise starts at dock 3/a.
  3. Cruising
    We go all the way up to the Margaret Island, than down to the last bridge of Budapest. You and your group can see all the famous sights.
  4. Payment
    You can pay on the spot with cash, or via transfer.
  5. Recommendation
    We have a great recommendation system. If you are an agency, or guide and you bring a client for us, we give you some commission in exchange.

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