15€ adult
13€ child (4-14y)
12€ groups (7+people)
Free (0-4y)

Detailed information of the prices


13€ / 4.000HUF Children ticket

From 4 years old up until 14 years old, with an ID shown, you can purchase discounted tickets.

15€ / 4.500HUF Adult ticket (14+)

The adult ticket includes all the services, and chosen seats wherever you wish! Upstairs or downstairs!

12€ / 3.600HUF Group discount!

Are you with a bigger group of friends? Buy the tickets at once and get the discount automatically! You need to buy 8 or more tickets.


40€ / 12.000HUF Window seats, 1st floor

The Jazz band is playing on the first floor, and there is air-condition. These seats are good for couples or bigger families, groups. They are right besides the windows.

40€ / 12.000HUF Open-top seats, 2nd floor

These seats are for those, who wish to have a better panoramic view of the city, and fresh outdoor air. The music is played on speakers upstairs.

35€ / 10.500HUF    Non-window seats, 1st floor

Only suitable for couples. Tables for two are put a little bit further from the windows, but still promises a great sight of the city. The Jazz band plays on the 1st floor.