Hi there!

I'm Martin one of the organizer of your cruise in Budapest! Let me introduce ourselves and the company!


You are the most important to us! We are trying to achieve such a program, which you will recommend to everybody!


The company was founded by two young men years ago, and was made to serve people's needs in a very high quality way!


I'm Martin Dobos talking to you, I am the co-founder of the company, and I will do everything possible to make the best cruise available for you!.


We are not trying to be the biggest, only the best!

The Team.

We are a very welcoming, young team, who wishes to achieve a common goal; to give our guests the best experiences regarding Budapest cruising. The two founder of the company are young and ambitious enough to make Admiral a nice place to work and also a great program to take part in.

4.9 star review on Facebook!

Want to cruise with us?

If you like our style, if you think its a good idea to make a sightseeing river cruise in Budapest (It is very much!) and you believe we are going to keep our promises (we will) than join us and lots of others!